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The Judge's House

What do Victorian-era values, a historic New England home, American law, art, theater, and culture have in common? The Judge's house is the intersection of these and a family's history — and mysteries — old and new.

The Judge at Court

By the time Judge Luques made the Kennebunkport house his full-time home, it has been in his family for more than a century. How did he become the family's pinnacle of success and influence--and their last heir to call the historic house home? 


Solving a Mystery

"There are no known survivors." That is what the newspaper article stated when it announced the death of Frances (Mary) Luques, the judge's second wife, in 1964. The Judge died two decades earlier--but left children and grandchildren, each with ties to the Luques story. Where were they? How had they lost touch? How had his legacy been left untold, hiding in plain sight for future owners of his house to discover?  

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