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Death of a Daughter

The Judge's daughter, Pauline Luques, may have worn a costume much like the one below when she starred in the title role of PATIENCE, the Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta in 1912 at the impressive Criterion Theatre in Rutherford, New Jersey. Pauline was a young woman then, recently married (the wedding took place in Kennebunkport) and with a one-year daughter also named Pauline, who would go by Polly.

Within a month of the highly-lauded performance, Pauline was dead. Before she died, she begged her mother and The Judge to raise little Polly as their own.

Little Polly would follow in her mother's footsteps and become a talented singer--going to Juilliard--and eventually playing a starring role in the highly publicized alimony case between The Judge and Bessie, his first wife. The fight over money for her musical education made the front page of the Biddeford newspaper.

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