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My Own Family: When Opportunity Knocked

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

My great-grandfather on my mother's side was born in 1892--part of the same generation as The Judge's children. His father worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a tallyman--someone who tallied cargo -and he was eligible to apply for a scholarship the railroad offered to the children of employees--drawn from a trust fund started the president of the railroad.

My great-grandfather Wallace Brockman Porter took the exam. Maybe math and figures ran in the family. (Clearly not long enough, given my aptitude.)

He got the highest score anyone had gotten and won a scholarship.

The article below mentions that Wallace had just finished high school and had not decided where he would go to college. He was still just 16 years old.

Earning $600 (about $16,000 today) for school in the year 1909 changed his life.

More soon on where he went and who he met...

Photo above: Wallace in the middle with my grandfather and his sister seated on either side.

Article below: the announcement of his scholarship

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