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Step Into The Gallery--It's 1891

1.) Pamphlet from the 1891 show including Frank Luques, The Judge's younger brother

2.) Exterior of the Boston Art Club at circa 1892

3.)May Mott Hallowell Loud –Portrait *possibly the painting listed in pamphlet as "Portrait"

4.) Maria Brooks--The Letter—painted in 1884,

5.)May Mott Hallowell Loud: Seated Woman in Pink Gown *painted in 1904—after the exhibit but reflective of her work. May's great-grandmother was Lucretia Mott

6.) Maria Brooks—Seated Girl

7.) Photo of Mary King Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's niece

8.) Mary King Longfellow

9.) Childe Hassam—The Peony Girl *This painting was in the exhibit

10.) Childe Hassam—Winter Night on the Common * This painting was in the exhibit

11.) Photo of Thomas Eakins

12.) Thomas Eakins—Portrait of Professor George F. Barker, University of Pennsylvania * This Painting was in the exhibit

13.) List for Frank A. Luques—se #60, A By-Way, Kennebunkport * searching for photograph of his work

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